To Sew or to Knit

To Sew or to Knit

Over years of knitting I’ve developed a method of designing and making which involves careful planning, and calculating everything in advance of knitting.

Creation begins with inspiration, leading to an idea and figuring out how to bring the idea to life utilizing the unique properties of the domestic knitting machine. Design possibilities are abundant. Variation can be achieved through control of the stitch settings and patterning mechanisms, with manual manipulation of the stitches as an option. All requires careful planning. No spontaneity here.

Sewing, likewise, requires planning. Drafting patterns and cutting fabric requires forethought. There is though an aspect of sewing which permits spontaneity,

Jazz-like improvisation, making it up as you go along. This is free motion embroidery. Painting with thread, acting on impulse, changing colors, building layers, creating complex color relationships by observing and responding to the emergence of the embroidered layer. The creative pendulum has swung from knitting to sewing, retaining my design philosophy as before. Celebrating language, letterforms, color relationships and math and geometry. No difference – just a different medium.

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